Christmas 2006
Green Family Letter

Welcome to the 2006 Green Family Christmas Letter! You will not see political correctness in this letter, so there will be no “Happy Holidays,” although we do hope you will have the joy of the season. It is Christmas time, and that means the celebration of Christ’s birth, along with the usual crush of activities, shopping and most important, being with friends and family. So . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!

By the way, have you ever thought about what it must have been like to raise Jesus as a child? Did his diapers ever stink? Can you teach a perfect God to stay in the lines while coloring? Did he take a bath without walking on water? Did he turn his milk into chocolate milk? I need answers! Actually, I’m sure Jesus must have made his earthly parents proud.

When someone is in a tight spot, you go to what you know or do best. Well, I’m no exception. In an effort to defeat a severe case of writer’s block, I’m going to my best pitch, so to speak – use past letters for my inspiration. So . . . it’s back to a multiple-choice quiz. Use a No. 2 pencil with eraser so that you can correct your answers. There are no prizes for a perfect score, other than the satisfaction of a job well done.

1.  How many U-Haul trucks does it take to move a family and business?

a.      One . . . at a time.

b.     Too many.

c.      Three, with many pickups and trailers.

d.     All of the above.


2.   In April, a family gathering was called for what purpose?

a.      To announce that Ginger received her Wonder Dog certification.

b.     To decide what color to paint Haley’s new room.

c.      To announce that a granddaughter was on the way.


  1. Which business was featured on The Today Show?

a.      Ruralite Services


c.      H&M Motorsports

d.     Wells Fargo

e.      Coffee People


  1. FEMA declared a natural disaster for what reason?
    1. There was a flood on Oakcrest Drive
    2. There was a windstorm on Oakcrest Drive
    3. They saw the condition of Allison’s room
    4. a and b
    5. a, b and c


  1. July was a busy month because . . .
    1. Russell was at summer camp
    2. Jordan and Katie got married
    3. Russell went fishing
    4. Russell had a business trip
    5. a and d
    6. a, b, c and d


  1. An apology will be issued to Allison’s (future . . . way in the future) husband for what reason?
    1. For setting her expectations so high that only Donald Trump could meet them.
    2. For allowing her to keep her room so messy
    3. For her stunning looks


  1. The staff at Emmaus Christian School got to know which six-year old in record time?
    1. Haley
    2. Ginger the Almost Wonder Dog
    3. Bart Simpson




1.     D.  Give yourself partial credit if you said a, b or c (you decide what partial means). The Green family imposed on its family and friends yet again, making three round trips with an extra large moving van – not to mention numerous pickups, trailers and cars – for a move from beautiful downtown Buxton to Hillsboro. Our new digs provided us with a place closer to friends and church. The house also gave Kay ample office, production and storage space for her child safety business ( The half-acre lot has nearly 40 trees (some of which found their way on and into our house in December – this is a clue for a later question). There is also a year-round creek and lots of opportunities for my yard work “therapy.” We pray this is the last move for many, many, many, many, many years. If you don’t have our new address, it is:  2197 SE Oakcrest Drive, Hillsboro, OR  97123. Our phone number is 503-693-2806.

2.     C. Although Ginger is nearing completion of her Wonder Dog apprenticeship, and Haley’s new room did require numerous meetings and many reversals of color schemes, the BIG news was Matt and Melissa’s announcement of their pregnancy. It took me a while to realize exactly what Matt did to my daughter to cause this (I may be slow, but I’m not stupid). I soon forgave him when I realized I got to be a grandfather – although I’m not sure I’m old enough to qualify. Madison arrived on December 13 at 8:33 p.m. (men, you can skip the rest of this, unless you are reading it to your wife). She weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces and measured 20.5 inches. Madison’s arrival immediately qualified Matt for the Dads with Daughters Club, as evidenced by her ability to wrap him around her little finger.


3.     B.  This is not a trick question. One of the products Kay carries on her Web site was featured on a segment of a recent airing of the Today Show. Her business continues to grow, beating 2005 sales by May. When she isn’t filling orders from her new downstairs office, Kay reinforces her title as “Queen Mother” as the leader of a church small-group called “Mommy 2 Mommy.” Her ministry to young mothers is amazing, and the royalty status bestowed upon her by her mommies is well deserved.


The other companies listed represent the sources of income for our other family members. Matt, with his newly-acquired MBA in hand, continues to move up the corporate ladder at Wells Fargo Bank, leading a team of “bad guy catchers” who sniff out fraudulent banking practices. Jordan is a service writer/sales rep for car dealership, and was selected by his boss to attend a recent trade show in Las Vegas. Katie works at Coffee People in between her classes at PCC, and plans to return to Western Oregon in the spring. Allison moved from her sandwich designer job at Subway to being a “personal finance assistant” at US Bank.


4.     D (and maybe E). Kay cringes any time I leave town, as my departure may signal the onslaught of a natural disaster. One recent adventure included a torrential rainstorm in November (I was in Phoenix golfing, err, I was attending a board meeting). The plugged street drains pushed water down our driveway. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, as our own drain system whisks the water away. Unfortunately our drain was blocked as well, causing Matt and Kay to find buckets and start the bailing process to avoid flooding our garage. I am happy to report my Corvette suffered no ill effects, thanks in large part to Matt believing that I am leaving him the car in my will (he doesn’t know that isn’t the case).  On December 14 we had a major windstorm, causing slight damage to the house, including a limb that impersonated a spear and punctured the roof (I was home for that one). Allison’s room is in a disastrous state, but a full course load in school, the aforementioned job at US Bank and playing keyboards in a band keeps her very busy. She plans to move into her own apartment with friend Amanda in January.


5.     F. I was privileged to serve as a director at our church high school camp. It is so much fun to hang out with our young people. I also took my father on a Deschutes River fly fishing trip, and went to Arizona for a business meeting. More important, we celebrated the marriage of Jordan and Katie. The wedding went off without a hitch . . . okay, almost without a hitch. Kay’s mad dash into the church kitchen to retrieve the communion elements during the ceremony and Pastor Chris’ prayer only served to cement her Queen Mother status. A honeymoon in San Diego followed the ceremony.


6.     Any of the three answers will work here, but A is probably the best answer. Allison obtained a new car this year, after totaling her Audi. There wasn’t much damage, but it wasn’t hard to total a car of little value – an ongoing jab based on a father’s distain of the Audi. It was replaced with a 1994 Lexus in pristine condition. Allison’s new road bling may have set expectations too high for a young man to attain. One can only hope.




7.     A. Ginger is not quite three, and we don’t do Bart Simpson around here, so Haley has to be the correct answer. It didn’t take long for our little Miss Congeniality to make her mark on her new school. The staff and students know her very well. Whenever Kay introduces herself to a staff member as Haley’s mom, they respond by saying “Oooooh, so you’re Haley’s mom. We just love Haley.” Or something like that. Haley leaves no person unmet. In fact, our little bundle of charm and independence recently decided to introduce herself to her new neighborhood . . . without mom’s permission. Kay found out she was gone when a neighbor called to tell her that Haley was at her door, saying “You can come to our house for tea any time you want to.” Needless to say, donated a door alarm to give us an advance warning of Haley’s adventures.


That’s what is new with the Green’s. We hope this letter finds you and your family well, and that in this Christmas you find the true joy and happiness of the season. As always, our door is open to all visitors, and we would love to hear from you.

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